15 Aug 2016

The importance of feeding on healthy diets: a brief look at hummus

The importance of health cannot be stressed enough. Health leads to an enjoyable and thriving life while being unhealthy leads to numerous adverse effects chief of which is disease and sickness which can be fatal. Maintaining our
14 Aug 2016

Comparing the modern day kitchen appliances and the vintage kitchen tools

The modern kitchen is very different from the kitchens which were used in past years. Despite the fact that the ancient kitchen prepared for the family just like the modern kitchen, the modern kitchen seems to have
14 Aug 2016

Simple strategies for any woman to look beautiful and stand out

It is natural for any woman to want to look beautiful. Beauty in a lady is often a huge advantage since the girl will normally get many more favors than if she were not pretty. Being pretty
31 May 2016

The day I discovered I was pregnant for the first time

When I got pregnant for the very first time I was very excited. Like many young girls, you can be sure that my dream had always been to have a baby. My husband also wanted kids so
31 May 2016

Various forms of ancient food preservation methods

Food is a basic human need. It is probably the most important thing that man needs for survival. This can be seen even in the young. When young ones are born, they are born ready to feed.
31 May 2016

The competitive dramas of my two teenage daughters

My two teenage daughters are always competing about one thing or the other. Their competitions can be quite intense and many times I have to step in and cool them down. It does not help that they
31 May 2016

The evolution of cooking from the prehistoric days to the modern day

Cooking has evolved in great strides since the primeval days when fire was discovered. Before the discovery of fire man had been eating raw food. His food mainly consisted of shrubs, leaves, roots, fruits, berries, nuts, and
29 May 2016

Back to Nursing School

There are many factors to consider when choosing a nursing school. Different factors are important to different prospective students, so you want to make sure you choose a nursing school that matches your career endeavors and personal
19 May 2015

Shoes Which Can Bear Weight

If you are an athletic individual, you know how important it is to run regularly. It will not only keep you in good shape but also keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy and strong. There are
30 Apr 2015

Fruits: A Great Doggy Treat

In today’s world we have many concerns about the foods we eat and what the chemicals we consume are doing to our systems. Because we love our pets as family members that concern naturally extends to them
9 Feb 2015

Chocolate Is Simply Not For Dogs

Anybody who has a pet knows exactly what it is like then when they are not well. That is why animal lovers will do whatever necessary to make sure that their pets remain self and healthy. Unfortunately,
7 Jan 2015

Smarter, Healthier Dogs!

As any canine lover can testify, each dog has its own unique personality, determined by its genes, environment, and interactions. Some dogs are exceptionally smart and mature, others are extremely active and friendly, while yet others are
15 Aug 2014

How To Use An Electric Shaver For Your Facial Hair

Men know that shaving can always be quite a task. I was in the military and because of the strict guidelines set there, I became very familiar with shaving quite frequently. But by doing that I have
14 Aug 2014

Tips On How I Maintain My Facial Hair

Let’s be honest, beards can really complete your appearance. They can make you look mature, experienced, sophisticated, and in many cases very attractive. But this raise in sex appeal comes at a price, a very irritating price.
14 Aug 2014

Personal Grooming In The Marines – What Are The Rules?

One of the biggest questions people have when they are about to join the Marines is whether or not they will have to shave their head, and any facial hair that they have worked so hard on