Comparing the modern day kitchen appliances and the vintage kitchen tools

vintage kitchen toolsThe modern kitchen is very different from the kitchens which were used in past years. Despite the fact that the ancient kitchen prepared for the family just like the modern kitchen, the modern kitchen seems to have many more appliances than what our ancestors used. What are the uses of these new numerous appliances that we have in the modern kitchen and what really are their advantages?

One of the basic common appliance in the kitchen is the cooking pot. Well… today we really do not have many cooking pots being used. Instead we have an assortment of different cooking appliances which in essence provide the same results as the cooking pot. However, the new appliances have some distinct attributes in their features and in their way of use that makes them stand out.

For example, today instead of using a cooking pot many people have electric skillets. Whereas cooking pots cooked food using direct open fire, electric skillets usually have an inbuilt heat source. For electric skillets, one has to use electric power to cook. Electric skillets provide more even cooking since the cooking heat is well distributed. One is also able to have more precise cooking due to this same reason. Electric skillets are much safer to use as compared to cooking pots which used an open flame to cook.

Other modern cooking appliances that apply similar technology to cook include rice cookers and electric pressure cookers. These are also advanced such that they can be set to automatically cook food. These appliances have a control panel where the user can set the heat to be used in cooking and the duration for the cooking. As such this makes cooking very easy and it even allows one to other things as the cooking continues.

Apart from the appliances used in the actual cooking there are other modern appliances that have hugely changed the kitchen scenario when it comes to food preparation. One of other common area of cooking that has changed a lot is in the heating of water and the preparation of beverages. In ancient times our mothers would have boiled water using a kettle or the versatile cooking pot. Today there are advanced appliances such as electric kettles that are used to boil water and automatically switch off when the water is boiled.

There are even automatic machines that are today used to brew beverages such as coffee and tea. Unlike in the past, today one can have instant coffee.

Another great evolution in kitchen tools has been in the cutting devices. In past years the knives were the main tools for chopping up, slicing and peeling. Today we have electric machines to help us do this. There are food processors and electric blenders that are now used for these kitchen tasks. They are much faster and efficient than the knife of old.

Despite these modern changes, many of the basics of the ancient kitchen still remain and some of the tools used in ancient times still prevail. For example the old cooking stick and the kitchen knives are not going to be replaced any time soon.