How To Use An Electric Shaver For Your Facial Hair

How To Use An Electric Shaver For Your Facial Hair

Men know that shaving can always be quite a task. I was in the military and because of the strict guidelines set there, I became very familiar with shaving quite frequently. But by doing that I have realized what works and what doesn’t through lots of experimentation. I personally like using an electric shaver for my face as opposed to a razor, and for many reasons. Here is how to use an electric shaver for your facial hair.

First off, before you even begin, you need to go out and find the right electric shaver for you. I recommend going online and reading reviews, and finding out what other people think. Once you have purchased your electric shaver, you can begin. One of the biggest mistakes people make is shaving when their face is wet. Whenever you’re using an electric shaver, the surface needs to be dry. Non-electric razors are good when you’re shaving a wet surface, but electric shavers function way better on hair/stubble that is dry. However, I do recommend that you clean the hair and get any dirt or grime out of there before you begin.

One of the biggest complaints people make when shaving is the snagging. This can be painful and can really ruin your shave. To minimize snagging all you gotta do is work with your non-shaving hand. So let’s say you’re holding the shaver in your left hand; use your right hand to stretch your skin to make flat surfaces for the shaver to go on. This gives you the best and smoothest shave possible.

Another irritating thing can be when the shaver gets hot. Yes, it’s electric, it will get hot. Because most of it is metal, you might feel a little burn towards the end of your shave. This is why I recommend starting in sensitive areas first – places like your neck. Be sure not to go over the same spot too much though as that will also resolve in a burn and irritation. Nothing is more frustrating than going about your day with an irritated face because you didn’t know how to shave properly.

Now that you know how to shave properly, you just got to keep with it and keep it all under maintenance. Your shaver, depending on what kind you buy, should have its placed replaced every now and then. You’ll know when it just isn’t cutting like it used to anymore. But be nice to your shaver, don’t tap it against anything to remove little hairs – it’s fine. Now go out and enjoy your nicely shaven face.

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