The day I discovered I was pregnant for the first time

X PregnancyWhen I got pregnant for the very first time I was very excited. Like many young girls, you can be sure that my dream had always been to have a baby. My husband also wanted kids so bad. When we got married we got down to business trying to get babies. It did not take long, three months after our marriage, I missed my period. I was elated. I was afraid to tell anyone including my husband as I feared I might jinx it.

I took several pregnancy tests in the bathroom using the pregnancy test kits I had bought and kept in anticipation of my pregnancy. When all the results were positive, I was over the moon. I told my husband that evening when he came from work and he was speechless with joy. We decided to celebrate the news with a romantic dinner at a posh diner that was quite famous in town.

Soon after that I made calls to my close friends telling them the good news. I kept the news within my very close friends. My mum was the first person I called. I knew she wanted a grandchild very much and she would be overjoyed by the news. When I called her and gave her the news, for a second she was silent then she cried out in joy. For the next few seconds she uttered some rapid incoherent words of joy before she finally said she was coming over and she hung up the phone.

Before she arrived I had also called my sister and close friend Rita. They were also quiet overjoyed and had to restrain themselves from screaming since they were both at work. My sister promised that she would drive by my house after work that evening.

When my mother came to our home, she was clearly ecstatic and looked at me like I was some alien from mars. She was even afraid to hug me and gingerly hugged me as if she was afraid to hurt the baby. I laughed at this since it was obvious that the baby was still much undeveloped to stand any risks of external injury.

As usual, my mother went into her motherhood gear. She started asking all kinds of questions to determine whether I was living healthy. She wanted to know if I had taken the pregnancy test from a hospital. When I told her I had taken a home test, she insisted that we had to go and confirm it at the hospital. When I told her I had taken several tests, she was finally able to settle down.

She went on to give me advice on how I should handle my pregnancy. She started prescribing all kinds of healthy foods that I should start taking. She particularly encouraged a smoothie that was a concoction of several herbs and fruits which she said would provide me with all the nutrients I needed. Since I did not have an ideal kitchen implement to help with making smoothies, she promised to bring me her blender which she rarely used.