The evolution of cooking from the prehistoric days to the modern day

The evolution of cookingCooking has evolved in great strides since the primeval days when fire was discovered. Before the discovery of fire man had been eating raw food. His food mainly consisted of shrubs, leaves, roots, fruits, berries, nuts, and tender raw flesh. Fire was then occurring as a natural occurrence where the sun would cause dry shrubs to explode into fire. At this time fire was considered nothing but a divine calamity. Man did not understand fire and therefore did not want anything to do with it.

Man finally discovered that he could start a fire, it could have been through the striking of fire stones together which caused sparks which were then directed to dry bristles or it could have been discovered by rubbing particular wood on wood to cause fire from the friction.

When man discovered he could start a fire, his earlier fear of fire gave way to embracing it and finding ways that he could use it.

Being a very basic creature, man was only interested in survival and one of his sole preoccupations was food. As such, when he discovered fire, his first experiments were on his food. Maybe man had previously eaten meat from animals that had been killed in the naturally occurring wild fires and he had noticed that it was better. Maybe this drove him to trying to use the fire on the meat himself. This led to the first form of cooking, open fire cooking.

When man began cooking, he did not have cooking appliances to fry, boil, steam, or bake the food. This came much later as his innovations increased and he experimented more on his food. The innovations came by slowly.

First man realized that he could make earthenware vessels where he could store his food, he then realized that he could even cook the food in the earthenware vessels. Baking, boiling, and steaming was then invented. As man invented more cooking vessels, so did his cooking become more sophisticated. He also continued to experiment with various kinds of foods and various kinds of combinations. He also discovered more things that were previously unpalatable that could be edible after cooking.

The evolution of cooking however took another great turn a few centuries ago when man discovered that he could cook using charcoal fuel. The move to charcoal was a huge step. Charcoal enabled man to come up with more ingenious ways of cooking.

Charcoal was then followed by the discovery of gas fuel. Gas was a much better fuel for cooking which was more controllable and it could cook faster. Gas cooking was then followed by cooking using electricity.

Cooking by electricity is another major step in the evolution of cooking. For the first time food was not being cooked by direct fire but by heat produced technologically. Cooking using electricity is superior due to many reasons, one is because it is the cleanest way of cooking. No soot nor smoke is produced when cooking using electricity. Electric cooking appliances are therefore easier to clean. Electric cooking is also more predictable and controllable.