The importance of feeding on healthy diets: a brief look at hummus

hummus 6The importance of health cannot be stressed enough. Health leads to an enjoyable and thriving life while being unhealthy leads to numerous adverse effects chief of which is disease and sickness which can be fatal. Maintaining our bodies in good health is however not always an easy thing and there are numerous challenges that prevent us from having the health that we would want to have.

To have healthy bodies one of the main things that we need to observe very carefully is proper diet. Diet basically refers to the food that we feed on. The food that we eat is usually responsible for providing important elements which our bodies need.

Our bodies need energy to power our internal systems such as the circulatory systems, digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system. We also need energy for locomotion and for working. All this energy can only be found in the food we eat. Energy is usually found in foods that are rich in starch. These are known as carbohydrates.

Apart from energy, our bodies also need other elements to help in body growth, repair of worn out parts, and the growth and maintenance of muscles. Proteins are the elements that are necessary for these functions.

Our bodies also need elements that help in regulating chemical reactions in the body and controlling other functions in the body. Our bodies also require elements that are used to help combat pathogens. Foods responsible for these functions include vitamins, mineral ions, and amino acids.

To ensure we are always eating foods that supply our bodies with these elements, we should carefully choose the food we eat. It is important to be critical of the food we eat since we should not only feed on the above mentioned elements but we should also consume them in the right quantities. Having too little of the elements will deprive our bodies and having too much of some will lead to negative effects in our bodies.

There are some foods that have been known for many ages to be good for good health. Some do not only provide nutritional value but some are also known to have strong medicinal value. A good example of such a dish is hummus.

Hummus is an ancient dish that was first seen in the Middle East and Arab countries but it has grown to be widely accepted and embraced in many communities around the world. Hummus is a dish that is made up of chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and several other ingredients that are rich in nutritional value. Apart from hummus being a great delicacy especially as a side dish or as an accompaniment for many popular dishes, it is also very rich in medicinal values.

Some of the benefits of hummus includes its benefits in avoiding and combating cardiovascular diseases. This is especially due to the olive oil which has vital monosaturated fatty acids. Hummus is also rich in roughages which are very good for bowel movement. Hummus is also widely known as an ideal dish for people who want to reduce their weight.