Tips On How I Maintain My Facial Hair

Tips On How I Maintain My Facial Hair

Let’s be honest, beards can really complete your appearance. They can make you look mature, experienced, sophisticated, and in many cases very attractive. But this raise in sex appeal comes at a price, a very irritating price. Taking care of a beard can really be a task for some people, so some tips on how to maintain facial hair are needed. Here is how I maintain my facial hair and keep it looking nice, neat, and extremely glorious at all times.

Many new-beards (men experiencing a beard for the first time) will constantly complain about the itch. The itch of a beard is something that will pass with time, and is really a testament to see if you have what it takes to rock a beard in the first place. If you can’t fight through the itch then maybe the clean-shaven look is what you should stick with. The itch will get better, I promise.

When I was growing my beard I really wanted to jump on it right away and start shaping it, but then I realized that I didn’t really have much to work with. There is a bit of an awkward time in the beard time-line where people will wonder what you’re trying to do with your facial hair. Don’t mind them, keep your eyes set on the future and just know that once that bad boy gets long enough you’ll be able to sculpt it into a masterpiece. So wait a few months before you try to shape your beard. Working on it too early will end up in a disaster. These few months of waiting can give you time to go shop for nice beard trimmers, read reviews, and compare prices.

In order to really get the perfect beard, you’re going to have to spend time on it. This means getting beard care products like special shampoo and conditioner. A lot of people overlook using shampoo. Either they don’t wash their beards, which is gross – always wash your beard at least a few times a week, or they use cheap shampoo which dries their beard out. You need to get moisturizing shampoo and combine that with heavy-duty conditioner. This will keep your beard looking full and not too wiry. Just make sure that whatever you do it doesn’t close your pores on the skin beneath your beard.

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